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Catherine Bartholomew

Catherine has been dancing all her life, learning ballet and tap from the age of 4 until discovering bellydance at 17. She continues to persue her passion for Egyptian dance by attending regular classes with Josephine Wise in London and workshops with some of the best dancers and teachers in the world, including Randa Kamal, Raqia Hassan, Mahmmoud Reda, Beata & Horacio Cifluentes, Aziza and many more.

Catherine is also a member of the Johara Dance Company (www.joharadance.co.uk), which is lead by internationally respected teacher and choreographer; Josephine Wise.

In 2007, after two years of study, Catherine received her JWAAD Teaching diploma, proving that she is a safe and knowledgable teacher and an active participant in the bellydance community. (see article "What is JWAAD?")

Her real passions are for earthy, traditional Baladi from Cairo and elegant modern Oriental dance, originally inspired by ballet.

Email info@sevenveils.co.uk to contact Catherine.