Sevenveils Event Dates

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Workshop Suggestions

Catherine is available during 2015 for workshops and private lessons. If you would like to book her to teach for you, here is a list of suggested workshops, but if you have an idea of your own not listed here she will try to be accomodating.

Assim Sharki Baladi Choreography

Level 3
Dance to this piece of music by the Gizira Band full of soulful joy and a maqsoum that feels like a heartbeat.

Luxor Baladna Choreography with Stick

Level 2
A choreography full of saidi combinations, floor patterns and partner work that you can plug into your own dances.

Saidi Technique or Introduction to stick dance

(can be with or without stick, level 1-2 or 2-3)
Learn combinations and moves to give an authentic style to your saidi dance.

Parson’s Farewell

English folk dance / Pirate gypsy fusion Choreography or Technique
Level 3/4
Intricate floor patterns and fast swings, a little bit of acting and lots of drama! Wear a full gypsy skirt if you have one.

Balkan Gypsy Choreography

Level 2/3
Wild choreography to Joro Boro by Balkan Beatbox. Wear a full gypsy skirt if you have one.


Level 1
Isadora Duncan inspired Greek Goddess dance. Enjoy the freedom of expression in this lively style of dance! You may want to bring a sense of humour to this class.

BellyFit - Zumba style

Level 2
Fast paced follow on dances to get your pulse racing! Includes drills for arms, abs and shimmies too. A fitness class to compliment your dancing! You may want to wear trousers for this class.

Let me entertain you

Level 2/3
Work on your performance technique with a couple of simple combinations and lots of games to help you to relax and find the joy in your performances, both for yourself and your audience!

Improvisation: getting over your fears!

level 1/2
Fun games to ease you slowly into improvising and to overcome the fear! Lots of work in groups so this is a great way to make friends for your stay. Please bring a veil for this workshop if you have one.


Open level
As a Technique Assessor for JWAAD, Catherine has a wide range of experience in breaking down the movements of Egyptian dance for all levels of dancer. Technique workshops include drills, combinations and explanations of the movements to help you to refine your dance. Any technique discussed in advance can be covered, but suggestions for workshops are Fluids (circles, 8s, and waves), Percussives (drops, taqs and pops), Arms (positioning and flow), Shimmies or Egyptian walk/Hagalla.